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Located in the eastern part of Cuba, the Guadalavaca/Esmeralda area which in addition to the Guardalavca and Esmeralda Beaches also has the Pesquero and Playa Bonita beaches. It’s a beautiful zone in which the mountains and beaches co exist creating an unforgettable contrast. It is a rich area for diving. With an extension of 11 miles of the diving area and a sub marine relief that forms caves, valleys and cliffs of vertical wall, you can find terraces covered with gorgonians, sea fan and corals.

Immersion points: 30
Sitios Recomendados: Coral Garden. La Cadena, Canto Azul and La Corona

Types of Diving: Coral, Wall, Cave, Sunken Ship and Night.

International accreditation:  ACUC SNSI

Services: Packages of immersions, beginner’s courses and international accreditation courses.

  • Price: From 45.00 CUC up to 3 people.
  • Location: Guardalavaca,Esmeralda,Playa Pesquero/Holguin
  • Duration: Couple of hours

* All these excursions are at the moment only avaliable from Guardalavaca, Holguín.

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